How can a $60 million fellowship dismantle anti-black racism?

Slavery and segregation legacies loom large in the US, and racial discrimination, even if unlawful, remains systemic and omnipresent. In South Africa as well, despite two decades of post-apartheid racial equity programs, black South Africans continue to experience greater poverty, inadequate education, and health disparities.

The Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity is a ten-year, $60 million program with Columbia and the Atlantic Philanthropies Foundation that takes anti-blackness to task. The program supports new leaders dedicated to ending anti-black racism in the US and South Africa, bringing activists, authors, and artists, among others, together to share understandings of the issue, strategic capacities, individual skills, and networks to organize racial equity movements in their home countries and around the world.

“This initiative is dedicated not only to understanding our past but to illuminating the problems of the present, and imagining a better future for all,” said Alondra Nelson, Columbia’s dean of social science and professor of sociology, who will serve as faculty lead for the program. Learn more.

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